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Exploring the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Life is the amalgamation of moments, memories, and journeys. Life itself is meant to be a journey in which humans have the choice to explore and evolve. But as Oscar Wilde said, living is the superlative form of existing, and to live, one needs to have experiences and embark on journeys that make a difference. Journeys that make the heartbeat fast with excitement and adventure, journeys in which one explores the contours of nature, journeys that make you feel alive.

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with all the four seasons and immense natural beauty of enchanting landscapes, breathtaking lakes, highest mountains, and lush green valleys. The northern areas of Pakistan are exceptionally fascinating when it comes to natural beauty and splendor. They make one realize that yes, there surely are pieces of heaven on this earth. 

Let’s explore them!

Gilgit Baltistan: 

Gilgit Baltistan can be considered one of the most beautiful places in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. 

Pakistan is home to five out of fourteen highest peaks in the world. It is home to K2 – the second highest mountain in the world which is 8,611 meters above sea level. Apart from it, it also hosts other high altitude mountains such as the Broad Peak (8,051m), Nanga Parbat (8,126m), Rakaposhi (7,788m), Masherbrum (7821m), Chogolisa (7,665m), Muztagh Tower (7,276m), and so many more. Skardu Region is especially known as the ‘Mountaineers’ paradise in Pakistan’ and Gilgit Baltistan as a whole attracts trekkers, mountaineers, and adventure seekers from across the globe. 

As we move along the Karakoram Highway, which is considered as the highest paved international road in the world; We get to experience the intricate beauties of nature in all their spirit. Let it be the Valleys of Hunza and Skardu, Altit and Baltit Forts, the Plains of Deosai, the mesmerizing Satpara and Attabad Lakes, or the Passu Cones; the beauty of Gilgit Baltistan is unparalleled. People are hospitable and the region is abundant with fruit orchids and dry fruits. People travel and love to spend their holidays at these scenic destinations where they seek adventure as well as inner peace.

Naran Kaghan:

The Kaghan Valley is located in the north of KPK Province, bordering Gilgit-Baltistan to the North and Azad Jammu & Kashmir in the south-east. It is one of the most beautiful valleys and also a popular holiday destination for tourists from across the country and abroad. It is full of scenic beauty, snow-capped mountains with hiking tracks, eye-catching meadows, forests full of rare animals, lakes, and the River Kunhar which is famous for the trout fish.

Naran is the most visited part of the valley which is full of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and tent villages. It is located on an altitude of 7693 ft above sea level and usually remains flocked by tourists across the year. People visit the valley for adventure sports, hiking, rafting, fishing, and camping. Lake Saif ul Malook is one of the most prominent tourist attractions while Aansu Lake, Lalazar, Pyala Lake, Noori Top, Lulusar Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, and the Babusar Pass are other major tourist destinations.

Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK):

AJK holds a prominent place in the northern areas of Pakistan due to its exceptional beauty mesmerizing sights. It is blessed with stunning valleys, mountains, forests, streams, holistic shrines and is rich in its culture and heritage. There are hiking tracks, spellbinding mountains, and remains of the Buddhist civilization along with the presence of Traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and food that make this region unique.

The Pir Chanasi Shrine is one of the well-known tourist destinations which is known for its soothing and calming atmosphere along with the spiritual peace it confers on its visitors. It is located on a one-hour drive from the capital Muzaffarabad. Apart from it, Neelum, Jhelum, and Leepa Valleys are widely recognized for their scenic beauty and landscapes. Mountain tops such as Ganga Choti and Toli Peer are famous among trekkers while Banjosa and Ratti Galli Lakes are known for their scenic splendor. Mangla is also an attractive tourist spot due to the presence of Mughal-era Forts and the Mangla Dam. 

AJK is the perfect holiday destination in the northern areas of Pakistan and several tour operators provide tour packages that explore this heaven on earth.

Chitral KPK:

Chitral is home to high steep mountains, beautiful meadows, lush green valleys, and large glaciers. It is home to some of the most breathtaking places including the Kalash Valley, Golen Valley, Booni, GaramChashma Valley, ShahiQilla, Bamburat, Madaklasht, and the Shandoor Pass. 

Tourists flock to these fascinating destinations to have an escape from their fast-paced lives. They come here and relax in a soothing environment, close to nature. Kalash Valley is well-known across the globe due to its rich culture and historical legacy, while the Shandoor Polo Festival is also one of its kind and is widely known. Apart from it, Broghil Festival is also a sight worth seeing which includes Yak Polo and Buz Kashi among other events. Qaqlasht Festival is also a fascinating event. In the Madaklasht region, hiking in the popular tourist activity in the summers, while skiing and ice-skating are popular in winter. 

Furthermore, The Goal National Park of Chitral is home to ibex and snow leopards and has tracks for hiking as well. 

Chitral is diverse and scenic in its composition while the people are humble and hospitable. Hence an ideal tourist destination in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Swat & Kalam:

Swat Valley is also known as the “mini Switzerland” owing to its beauty and magnificence. It is home to one of the oldest civilization’s histories and the most beautiful sceneries. It is located in the KPK Province, at the foothills of the Hindukush Mountain Range. Major attractions for tourists include the lush green landscapes, history, art, and archeology. It is also abundant in having traces of Buddhism as it is known as ‘the holy land of Buddhist learning and piety’ and it was also named as ‘the cradle of Buddhism’.

The major tourist attractions are the historical Buddhist Stupas, Malam Jabba, Madyan, Behrain, Kalam, Ushu, Margazar while the lakes include Kundal, Mahodand, Khapiro, and Spin Khawar. Tourists come to these scenic destinations and enjoy the serenity of nature along with the culture, wood carved art, Swati Ornaments, and embroidery. Malam Jabba Ski Resort is also a major tourist destination where tourists enjoy skiing and ice-skating in winters.

There surely is immense potential for tourism in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Places like Gilgit Baltistan, AJK, NaranKaghan, Chitral, and Swat are the physical manifestation of what is known as pieces of heaven on earth. Make sure you visit these places and enjoy all these intricate shades of nature that will nurture both your body and the soul.

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